xavendi is pioneering, secure, transparent and fair.

We build networks that create added value.

The benefits to you as an online shop operator:

Additional revenue

Through marketing on the order confirmation page, a space previously not commercially exploited.


Visuals and content are tailored to your online shop.


Your own products can also be displayed in the advertising space.

A large choice of suitable advertising customers

Individual access to a variety of premium offers.

A selection of customer-specific offers

Chosen by xavendi’s smart algorithms.

Enthusiasm and customer loyalty

Customers perceive additional offers as a reward.

Detailed financial reporting

Use KPIs to decide which promotions to activate.

Security and data protection

All address data generated is kept in a closed system.

Efficient integration

Your IT department won’t need much time to set it up.

Overview of key details:

Innovative business model

Marketing of advertising space in the checkout area of your online shop and use of this space to display premium offers.


xavendi is an innovative marketing service provider – it does not collect or trade data.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

An IT solution based on self-learning algorithms that select and display offers on an individual customer basis.

Data security in line with EU-GDPR

Customer data stays in the browser and is not sent to xavendi.

Maximum customer data security.

All data is generated in a closed loop and sent at the highest encryption level. xavendi does not use the data. Compliant with EU-GDPR.

xavendi is the digital network for acquiring appropriate partners for marketing advertising space during the checkout process.

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